The Ecstasy of Gold

EVR Lab – EVR Dance – EVR Performance

Artistic Director/Choreographer:

Margherita Bergamo Meneghini

Technical Director:

Daniel González Franco

Produced by:


Creation date:

July 2017


Hangar, Barcelona. Special thanks for Technical Production assistance to BeaAnotherLab

One, two, three…drops of water
become a rhythm
with no beginning, and no end
Tell me oracle
that thousands of kilometers away from here
a waterfall wind
turns into breeze.

The Ecstasy of Gold is the first of a series of three EVR pieces, increasingly powerful, where in each one of them a quotation or element announces the following, in relation to the propagation of the rhythm, of dance, and the participation of the user. The narrative line of the trilogy goes around the liberation of the body in relation to the desires of the mind, and the approach to dance, for that, the user progressively makes part of the surrounding environment.

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