Virtual Reality

Our signature system EVR which we apply in all our products, services and experiences, is a platform inspired in neuroscience experiments that  create in users the illusion of seeing and feeling themselves in the body of another person, animal, or object. These  body illusions are a psychological phenomena in which the perception of one’s own body importantly deviates from the configuration of the physical one.

Embodiment studies

Cognitive science studies have shown the effects of a perceptual illusion called embodiment.

Different studies uses techniques that let users feel as if they had a different body (like a Barbie Doll or a digital avatar)

These experiences are so strong that can even decrease lacks of empathy, such as reducing intergroup racial bias.

In Omnipresenz we collaborate with top psychologists and neuroscientists to create and develop more engaging and immersive experiences.

Images from BeAnotherLab, EventLab and Ehrsson lab – Karolinska Institutet.

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