Dance with me

We decided to experiment, to make VR Really social, trough human conexion, touch, laughs… a playful experience with dance… simple, magical.

“Dance with me” is a hybrid VR experience that combines, Dance, Virtual Reality and haptic interactions.
The piece is inspired in BeAnotherLab´s work The Machine To Be Another And their research on

Also in the scientific publication “Dance expertise modulates behavioral and psychophysiological
responses to affective body movement.”…
“You could even hypothesize that dance makes you more empathetic, because it seems that you
learn to react automatically and more sensitively to others’ expressions. Christensen, Julia F”

The goal was to design a Piece that was simple in the construction, and implementation and that
challenged the use of VR technology towards creating a palpable real social and emotional
connection to the”other”

2 users stand in front of each other, a synchronized embodied VR music+dance choreographic
experience for a pair of users with mutual physical interactions.

Discover the "moves"

A Commonality VR Experiment


commonalitynoun [ C or U ] 

UK  /ˌkɒm.ənˈæl.ə.ti/ US  /ˌkɑː.mənˈæl.ə.ti̬̬/ formal

the fact of sharing interestsexperiences, or other characteristics with someone or something

As seen from outside


As seen from inside


Work in progress/tests

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