Eve – Laval Virtual Award 2019 in Recto VRso Art&VR Category

20 – 24 March 2019. Laval Virtual organized for the second year the Recto VRso Festival dedicated to art and virtual reality. For the official exhibition located at the Science Museum, it has welcomed 4,000 visitors during this 2019 edition. Among the 86 artists represented, visitors were able to discover the work “Eve, dance is an unplaceable place”, who has won the Art&VR Award, among the 15 selected projects.



EVR Lab – EVR Dance – EVR Performance

Choreographer, producer and co-creator:

Margherita Bergamo Meneghini

Interaction designer, virtual reality developer and co-creator:

Daniel González Franco

Producer and distributor:

Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz

Performers Jenna Beaudoin, Élise Boileau, Raphaëlle Renucci, Margherita Bergamo

Scriptwriter and associate producer Mark Lee

Associate producer Lucia Candelpergher

Musician and sound designer Dale Nichols

Visual artist Kirstin Huber

Costume designer Paloma Bomé

Lighting designer Hugo Dalphond

Creation and performance in France Camille Chevalier, Jane Fournier, Nahuel Renaud, Margherita Bergamo

Executive producer Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC)

Special thanks:

BeAnother Lab, Le Réservoir Ville de Saint Marcel, Département de Saône-et-Loire, Oculus VR


Eve is in the middle of the room sitting on a chair, dressed very neatly, like a girl you trust. But she looks at a fixed point in front of her and conveys something disturbing. It’s as if she knew everything. As soon as we enter the room, she looks at us.

Eve (dance is an unplaceable place) is a mixed-media project based on three Embodied Virtual Reality experiences and a live dance performance.
A dance is going to say what words cannot about reality. A dance around you, a dance that you do, a dance that you imagine in unexpected places. Are these places imagined or real? Dance is improbable, it does not belong anywhere. You do not need words to say what a dance is going to do.

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